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MT Cool Jeep Mud Tire KT666 Pattern for Mud Terrain MT Cool Jeep Mud Tire KT666 Pattern for Mud Terrain

MT Cool Jeep Mud Tire KT666 Pattern for Mud Terrain

KT666 as a MT pattern has excellent slip resistance, good traction performance, and good ability to avoid groove crack.

The open should pattern ensure excellent self-cleaning ability and high traction of tires on gravel, muddy and other non-paved roads. Stones are prevented from being ambedded in the central and side grooves to avoid external damages to tires and achieve steady operation and control. The shoulder friction prevention line design improves scratch and punctures resistance also the driving safety. With convex character design at sidewalls, such tires are striking, beautiful and fashionable. Special rough pattern piece design enables tread pattern pieces to stretch into gravel a d wet grassland and play a strong grip in muddy and gravel roads.

tread pattern features

  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Good traction performance
  • Avoiding groove crack

LT265/75R16 10/E 123/120Q 7½J 804 267 1550/1400 550 12.3
LT295/70R17 10/E 121/118Q 8½J 852 299 1320/1450 550 14.8
35*12.50R17LT 10/E 121Q 10J 877 318 1450 450 16.3
35×12.50R18LT 8/D 118Q 10J 877 318 1320 350 16.3
33×12.50R18LT 10/E 118Q 10J 826 318 1320 450 16.3
35*12.50R20LT 10/E 121Q 10J 883 318 1450 450 16.3
33*12.50R20LT 10/E 114Q 10J 832 318 1180 450 16.3
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