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All Position Tires with All Tube and Tubless Sizes Tires Applied for All the Roads All Position Tires with All Tube and Tubless Sizes Tires Applied for All the Roads

All Position Tires with All Tube and Tubless Sizes Tires Applied for All the Roads

11R22.5 truck tires and 12r22.5 tires in all position pattern,applied for mid-shirt distance service at on/off road. It is popular in all market and especially in central and south American market for truck tires 11r22.5. Big pattern groove on shoulder provides good grip on dry ,wet and mud road conditions. excellent wear-resistant tread compound can improve picture resistance, tear resistance and mileage effectively.circumferential grooves are better for high-speed driving.Unique narrow grooves design effectively prevents stones lodged in the tread.

tread pattern features

  • Circumferential grooves, high-speed driving
  • Unique narrow grooves design, preventing stones lodged in the tread
  • Big pattern groove on shoulder, good grip on dry, wet and mud road conditions
  • Excellent wear-resistant tread, excellent puncture resistance, tear resistance and longer mileage

11R22.5 16 148/145M 8.25 1054 279 3150/2900 840/840 15
12R22.5 16 152/148L 9.00 1085 300 3550/3150 840/840 17
12R22.5 18 152/149L 9.00 1085 300 3550/3250 930/930 17
13R22.5 18 154/151L 9.75 1124 320 3750/3450 830/830 17.5
295/80R22.5 16 152/148M 9.00 1044 298 3550/3150 830/830 15
315/80R22.5 20 156/151M 9.00 1074 312 4000/3450 850/850 15

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