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DR920 Applied On Normal And Urban Road, For Truck Driving Tire DR920 Applied On Normal And Urban Road, For Truck Driving Tire

DR920 Applied On Normal And Urban Road, For Truck Driving Tire

DR920 owns good size list, such as 11R22.5 steer tires, R22.5 truck tires and 11R 24.5 tires. Deep pattern design and driving power enable the tire longer lifespan. DR920 has special tread figue effectively resist uneven wear. Special mixed pattern with lug and rib type enables therir driving stability at a high speed. Special steel slice design enables their anti-side-skid. Excellent wear-proof tread and better puncture make tires have better wet skid tear resistance and longer mileage.

tread pattern features

  • Deep pattern design, stronger driving power and longer lifespan
  • Special tread, excellent wear resistance
  • Special mixed pattern with lug and rib type, driving stability and high speed
  • Special steel slice design, anti-side-skid
  • Excellent wear-proof tread, better puncture and tear resistance and longer mileage

11R22.5 16 148/145L 8.25 1065 279 3150/2900 840/840 20.5
11R24.5 16 149/146L 8.25 1116 279 3250/3000 830/830 20.5
295/75R22.5 14 144/141L 9.00 1020 298 2800/2575 760/760 20.5
295/80R22.5 16 152/148M 9.00 1050 298 3550/3150 830/830 20.5
315/80R22.5 20 156/151M 9.00 1082 312 4000/3450 850/850 20.5
285/75R24.5 14 144/141L 8.25 1056 283 2800/2575 760/760 20.5
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