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Popular Patterns for Little Truck Tires in 17.5 19.5 Series Popular Patterns for Little Truck Tires in 17.5 19.5 Series

Popular Patterns for Little Truck Tires in 17.5 19.5 Series

Applied for high way and all position for truck and little truck on provincial road,country road and other regional roads. As a commercial truck tire and economy tyres,it have the following characteristic,horizontal groove design between ribs prevents slippage and side-slippage,raised block in the bottom of the middle grooves prevent bottom crack and pebble clip. Strong bead structure insures loner endurance and lifespan.

tread pattern features

  • Horizontal groove design between ribs, brilliant in anti-slip and anti-sideslip
  • Raised block in the bottom of the middle grooves, preventing bottom crack and pebble clip
  • Strong bead structure, longer endurance and lifespan

215/75R17.5 18 135/133J 6.00 767 211 2180/2060 850/850 12.5
235/75R17.5 18 143/141J 6.75 797 233 2725/2575 875/875 12.5
245/70R19.5 16 141/140M 7.50 839 248 2575/2500 850/850 13
265/70R19.5 16 143/141M 7.50 867 262 2725/2575 850/850 13
255/70R22.5 16 140/137M 7.50 930 255 2500/2300 800/800 13.5
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