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Longer Mileage and Good Overloading Ability Longer Mileage and Good Overloading Ability

Longer Mileage and Good Overloading Ability

KETER pattern KTHA2 has special three-rid main grooves design offers lower noise characteristics and ensure excellent steering performance for truck tyre 10.00R20. Special groove design makes tyre has high-speed and longer mileage. Pattern KTHA2 used in truck tyre 10.00R20 enhance the comfort of long distance high-speed stability and durability performance. Widen tread design has good stability and wear resistance with good control performance and steering performance,ensure safer driving.Special design makes NeoTerra with good overloading ability.

tread pattern features

  • Excellent load capacity and Super abrasion resistance, tear resistance.
  • High wear resistance suitable to vehicles on low grade road and medium /long-haul vehicles.

1000R20 18PR 149/146K 7.50  1052 275 3250/3000 930(135PSI) 17
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