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2017 China International Tire Fair grand opening!

2017 China International Tire Fair grand opening! 2017-08-08

The 15th China International Tire Expo hosted by Beijing Haifu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
(CITEXPO 2017) will be held August 21, 2021 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall grand opening.
CITEXPO 2017 to "innovation, professional, efficient, leading the future" as the theme, with the country
Home "area along the way" strategic planning, to achieve the construction of international trade platform, show tire industry style, promote
Into the exchange and cooperation, boost the overall level of China's tire wheel industry to improve and develop. Exhibition area
The number of enterprises, the number of visitors increased year by year, the organizing committee of the early research, publicity, during the exhibition
Of professional seminars, on-site service level, will be in the August 21 -23 CITEXPO 2017 more Highlighted.
Highlights 1: exhibition history long, large scale and increasing year by year.
China International Tire Expo is Beijing Haifu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2003
Is the introduction of digestion and absorption of a new platform; both show the strength of China's tire products, but also show the country
Foreign advanced technology, product, management philosophy and business model. Since its inception in 2003, it has so far been successful
Held 14 sessions. Even in the global economic downturn, the industry downturn in the case of exhibitors, exhibitors
The audience every year showing a rising trend of gratifying momentum. CITEXPO 2016 moved to Shanghai World Expo for the first time
Museum, but also in the exhibition scale and the number of exhibitors have reached a record high. Shanghai World Expo Exhibition
Museum by the exhibition venues, supporting business center, office buildings and hotels composed of four parts, through the 8-meter elevation
Convention and Exhibition Avenue into one, is the larger exhibition center.
Highlights two: a high degree of internationalization, positioning accuracy.
Exhibition to "international, trade, specialization," the precise positioning, after years of heritage and plot
Has become a major event in China and the global tire industry, becoming the world's tire hub industry's most watched
The exchange and trading platform. An international exhibitor commented on CITEXPO 2016: "This is the only one
A place where you can see so many products, different types, a variety of exhibitors,
The price is great, service-friendly, easy to visit, you can explore a different market, negotiate a great deal Work. "
Highlights three: the organizing committee early publicity.
Organizing Committee has been adhering to the "customer-friendly, reputation first" service concept, and actively seek all the deeds
Machine, improve the quality of buyers, expand the scope of procurement, open up new areas to meet the market development. 2017 years
Prior to the exhibition, the organizing committee not only strengthened with a number of internationally renowned professional media cooperation, for the day
Korea and other Middle East markets and just established diplomatic relations with China, Panama will also be action. In addition, according to many
Foreign exhibitors response, after the organizing committee research, decided to CITEXPO 2017 to advance to the
August 21-23, in order to avoid conflict with the long vacation, to help businesses and distribution of the perfect docking and landing
Highlights four: exhibitors strong, representative.
Tire exhibitors: Qingdao Kate, Shandong Hengfeng, Dongying City, Fangxing, Shandong Hao grams, Qingdao Road, Shandong
Insein Group, Xingyuan Tire Group, Shandong Yinbao Tire, when the wind giant Xing, Weihai City in Granville,
Shandong Haohua, Tianjin Wanda, Southport tires, Guizhou tires, Xugong Group, Zhaoqing Chun Hong,
Shaanxi extended oil group ....... and so on; wheel exhibitors are: Zhejiang Yue Ling, Foshan Nanhai'an
Chi, Zhejiang dawn, Di Health, Jiangsu Su Mida, Jiangsu Kate, XHP wheels, Zhejiang Bao
Kang, Zhejiang Feng Chi ... ... and so on. Forged wheel hub business development momentum year after year surge: Taiwan Fu Cheng
(FULLCHAMP), Dyke Hongxin, Rao Ran, Zhongxiang, Betel, such as the emerging enterprise magnesium wheel
Such as triangular, exquisite and other large brands are also exhibitors. In addition, the car insurance business like Yingkou pass
Wide car warranty equipment company is from the first session of the show, has been to participate in the fifteenth of the loyal car care class
Households, 15 years, Yingkou Tongguang vehicle warranty equipment company from the first exhibition to today's development has
Own factories, their own trade division of the well-known car care company, enough to witness, show to bring business Effect.
At present, the distance has been entered into the double-digit countdown, exhibitors registered an unprecedented event.
According to statistics, the current international and domestic enterprises booking booth, breaking the previous session of the exhibition records. Among them, the country
In addition to foreign enterprises in China for this large market exhibitors, but also hope that through this highly international exhibition
Will know more international buyers. There are many exhibitors in order to attract many buyers and effectively show it
The company's image, in the booth structures and effects carefully designed to try to attract a new attitude more Domestic and foreign customers.
"History is always breaking through the progress", while the China International Tire Fair is bound to constantly improve
One more than one session. The future, the organizing committee will make persistent efforts to vigorously explore the international market, the introduction
More well-known companies, more international organizations to promote the world's tire industry in the field of first-class brand event
Continuous innovation and improvement. CITEXPO 2017 worth looking forward!
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