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Chinese High Quality Solid  Tires TR-6 Chinese High Quality Solid  Tires TR-6

Chinese High Quality Solid Tires TR-6

This is used for construction equipment, mainly for skid steer loaders, with good off-road traction and durability. Its robust crown, sidewalls and the well defined sturdy tread blocks provide optimum resistance to ruptures and damages and guarantees less downtime for the machine. The new rubber compound particularly improves cut resistance, which adds more service hours. The durable tread withstands work in demanding conditions. The tyre has sturdy shoulders with a protection band reinforcement. This improves the tyre's resistance to cuts, shocks, ruptures and tearing of the tread. The tyre comprises of a very strong casing with various specific steel belts added to it. This makes the tyre more resistant to punctures. Above all, its uniquely designed to provide excellent durability and traction in off-road conditions.
tread pattern features
  • The TR-6 pattern provides great traction and flotation
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