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E4-A Pattern For Earthmover Tires E4-A Pattern For Earthmover Tires

E4-A Pattern For Earthmover Tires

Designed for off-the-road dump trucks, carcass strength, anti-explosive, resistant to thorns, with superior load capacity; special tread wear formula and low heat formula design, with excellent cutting resistance and wear resistance performance. Unique deep pattern design and wide running surface design, climbing without slipping with excellent performance.
tread pattern features
  • E-4A is designed for surface application only, with special compound against sidewall tear or crack. It’s equipped with ‘Fuel-Save-Technology™’ for lower CPH requiremen
  • port use tires
Std. Rim Inflation
0km/h Creep 5km/h 10km/h 15km/h 30km/h
Static Creep 3mph 5mph 9mph 19mph
18.00-33 36 TL 69 13.00/2.5 1000 33300 29600 26825 24975 24050 23495 23125 22940 509 1860
145 psi lbs 73430 65270 59150 51810 50990 50580
18.00-25 40 TL 68 13.00/2.5 1000 30600 27200 24650 22950 22100 21590 21250 21080 528 1684
145 psi lbs 67470 59980 54350 47610 46860 46480
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