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Skid Steer Tyre X-15 Skid Steer Tyre X-15

Skid Steer Tyre X-15

Suitable for loader operation on soft muddy ground,skid steer tyre X-15 can play a great traction and good self-cleaning wide tread provides good buoyancy,has excellent driving performance in soft muddy road.With deep tread and thick sidewalls providing better traction.Better cutting resistance and longer life.Better for agricultural implement vehicles,excavators and loaders transporting.
tread pattern features
  • Excellent traction, decorative pattern self-cleaning performance is good, has the good weather aging resistance
  • High-quality  skid steer tyres
SIZE PR TYPE T.D(mm) Std. Rim Max Load
Inflation Pressure
26X12.00-12 12 TL 27 10.5 4280 75 5 300 670
31X15.5-15 12 TL 26 13 4630 60 5 402 802
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