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This unique pattern of bus tires covers the most popular size 1200R24 with excellent guiding ability on the steer position. KETER TBR 3 continuous ribs and the circumferential grooves enhances superior adhesion properties on the ground. Excellent wet skid resistance provides extra safety for people on rainy days. Low rolling resistance achieves good fuel efficiency, and low noise emission provides nice driving comfort.

KTHS3 is also ideal for the road and hot weather in the middle east area. As a well received pattern of Chinese truck tires, it is an ideal choice for bus tires, light truck tire, and heavy truck tires.

tread pattern features

  • Suitable for medium/long-haul vehicles running on high-grade road.

  • Excellent load capacity, straight shallow grooves.

  • Straight ride and Anti-sidewall-scuffing performance

12R22.5 18PR 152/149L 9.00 1085 300 3550/3250 930(135PSI) 16.5
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