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Wide tread ensures KETER KTHD2 with high gripping force and powerful driving. Special small protrusions in grooves prevent tyre from pricking and reinforce self-cleaning capability. Deep tread design to maximize longevity. It means that if you are using KETER KTHD3 11R24.5,it will bring you the ultimate low cost per mile. Optimized tread blocks keep part of the tread cap biting the ground at all time,it makes KETER 285/75R24.5 & 295/75R22.5 hold the road in tight curves and is very agile during sudden movements.

tread pattern features

  • Widened tread design provides excellent driving and gripping power.

  • Extra deep tread provides powerful traction and a long tread life.
  • Closed shoulder maintains good irregular wear resistance.
  • Excellent crack and tear resistance character.

285/75R24.5 16PR 147/144K 8.25 1050 283 3075/2800 830(120PSI) 22
295/75R22.5 16PR 146/143K 9.00  1014 298 3000/2725 830(120PSI) 22

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