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E-3B/L-3B 9.00-20 Top Quality E-3B/L-3B 9.00-20 Top Quality

E-3B/L-3B 9.00-20 Top Quality

E-3B/L-3B is a popular pattern for for OTR tires, it’s a special pattern for small OTR tire 9.00-20,also only KETER OTR 9.00-20 available for pattern E-3B/L-3B. This pattern also a good pattern for forklift tires. Our tires are made in top 1 bias tires factory in China. The tires are with very high performance in bias tires field.
tread pattern features
  • The open and non-directional pattern is designed for all-round application on and off the road.
SIZE PR PATTERN NO. TYPE T.D(mm) Std. Rim Max Load
Inflation Pressure
9.00-20 14 E-3B/L-3B TT 25.0  7.0  5500 102 30 259 1038
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