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G-2/L-2 Pattern For Earthmover Tires G-2/L-2 Pattern For Earthmover Tires

G-2/L-2 Pattern For Earthmover Tires

G-2/L-2 pattern has good traction, stability, anti-slip performance and excellent self-cleaning properties that fit in the hard road and hard mining environment works, and also it is suitable for the soil and sand in the soft ground and road conditions jobs, and mainly used for earthmover machines, loaders and other construction vehicles.
The main sizes which has this pattern is 17.5-25, 20.5-25, 23.5-25……
tread pattern features
  • The versatile G-2 L-2 radial tires designed for earthmovers, loaders and other equipment used in construction, stockpile and truck-loading applications
SIZE PR PATTERN NO. TYPE T.D(mm) Std. Rim Max Load
Inflation Pressure
14.00-24 16 G-2/L-2 TL 25.4  10.00  16100 80 5 393 1346
14.00-24 12 G-2/L-2 TL 25.4  10.00  13900 62 5 393 1346
13.00-24 16 G-2/L-2 TL 25.4  8.00  14300 87 5 358 1277
13.00-24 12 G-2/L-2 TL 25.4  8.00  12300 65 5 358 1277
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