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E-3C/L-3C Earthmoving Tires E-3C/L-3C Earthmoving Tires

E-3C/L-3C Earthmoving Tires

E-3C/L-3C pattern is a wear resistant tread design. It has large block, It is produced by high strength formula of engineering tire rubber. And it is suitable for loaders, bulldozers, earth moving machinery operation, fully improve the tire cutting resistance and abrasion resistance.
The main sizes include 17.5-25, 20.5-25, 23.5-25, 16/70-20……
tread pattern features
  • E-3C L-3C design philosophy dedicated to loader application, equipped with ‘Fuel-Save-Technology
SIZE PR PATTERN NO. TYPE T.D(mm) Std. Rim Max Load
Inflation Pressure
15.5-25 16 E-3C/L-3C TL 28.5 12.00/1.3 12345 78 5 1125 1325
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