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G-2 Pattern for Earthmover Tires G-2 Pattern for Earthmover Tires

G-2 Pattern for Earthmover Tires

G-2 solid tires have deep tread pattern groove for aggressive traction, unique stone ejector design and excellent elf leaning performance, better slip resistance, directional tires, and a heavy duty wheel that makes this assembly the right choice.

The resilient Skid-steer solid  tire for machines like mini loaders (also known as skid-steers or bobcats) used mainly in construction sites and road works.

And the Skid-steer solid tire is typically used in recycling materials sites (such as iron, steel, glass and wood) or dump yards, or when the machine operates with an hydraulic hammer, scraper, auger instead of the normal shovel.
tread pattern features
  • The Techking G-2 radial tires for end dump trucks designed to provide excellent adhesion and traction in severe conditions
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