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KETER Brand TBR KTMA1: super abrasion resistance and excellent fuel efficiency truck tires KETER Brand TBR KTMA1: super abrasion resistance and excellent fuel efficiency truck tires

KETER Brand TBR KTMA1: super abrasion resistance and excellent fuel efficiency truck tires

The optimized tread blocks keep part of the tread cap biting the ground on the driving process. This can help the tire to hold road tight even in sudden movements and raining days road. The air-scoop shoulder can help for heat release and keep the tire cool even at high speed.

The super abrasion resistance, excellent heat dissipation performance,good handling and traction, higher original mileage and excellent fuel efficiency all proves that KETER brand TBR is different than other Chinese economic brand in cost effectiveness.

KTMA1 Truck tire is suitable for all wheel position on medium and long-haul vehicles for mixed pavements.

tread pattern features

  • Super abrasion resistance
  • Excellent heat dissipation performance
  • Good handling and traction
  • Higher original mileage
  • Excellent fuel efficiency

6.50R16 12PR 110/105K 5.50F 745 195 1060/925 670(97PSI) 12
700R16 14PR 118/114K/L 5.50F 775 205 1320/1180 770(112PSI) 13
750R16 14PR 122/118K/L 6.00G 805 215 1500/1320 770(112PSI) 13
825R16 16PR 128/124K/L 6.50H 855 235 1800/1600 770(112PSI) 15
825R20 16PR 139/137K 6.50  974 236 2430/2300 930(135PSI) 15
900R20 16PR 144/142K 7.00  1018 258 2800/3650 900(130PSI) 16
1000R20 18PR 149/146K 7.50  1052 275 3250/3000 930(135PSI) 17
1100R20 18PR 152/149K 8.00  1085 296 3550/3250 930(135PSI) 18
1200R20 20PR 156/153K 8.50  1122 313 3750/3450 900(130PSI) 18
11R22.5 16PR 146/143M 8.25  1050 279 3000/2750 830(120PSI) 16
12R22.5 18PR 152/149M 9.00  1084 300 3550/3275 930(135PSI) 16
13R22.5 18PR 154/151L 9.75  1124 320 3750/3450 850(125PSI) 17
1200R24 20PR 160/157K 8.50  1226 313 4500/4125 900(130PSI) 18
315/80R22.5 20PR 157/153L 9.00  1076 312 4125/3650 860(126PSI) 17
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